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Rain on Your Parade Prologue is an early build of our upcoming slapstick comedy game where you play as a mischievous cloud determined to ruin everybody's day. Play across a wide range of levels while unlocking new abilities and mechanics that get progressively more ridiculous.

Travel across the world, inventing new ways of causing chaos and mayhem. Turn the perfectly dry and sunny wedding day into a wet one, unleash thunder and lightning upon the cities, bring pandemonium to supermarket shoppers, destroy farmer’s crops, sneak around military bases and rain down meteors on dinosaurs! Yes, not even the dinosaurs are safe!

As you progress in the game you will unlock new and more comical methods of causing bedlam. Use thunder and lightning to scare people out of hiding and set things alight, tornadoes to suck up everything that gets in its path, rain explosive material that you can blow up and even entire meteors and much more.

  • Ruin peoples day with rain, thunder, lightning, tornadoes and many more abilities.
  • Travel the world in over 40 levels causing disorder and havoc to weddings, cities, farms, military bases, parking lots and much more.
  • Give the mischievous cloud your personal touches. Draw a unique face and choose the hat it wears.
  • An upbeat and silly soundtrack that encapsulates the nature of the game.

If you're a fan of Untitled Goose Game or Donut County, this will be right up your alley!

OUT NOW on Steam | Xbox One | Nintendo Switch!


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please make the full game on web and free if you would

forgot to screenshot but i really like the bandana thingy during the break-in, and the crowbar makes the cloud looks like an old man when paired w the hat

i love it

OMG this game looks like so much fun. By any chance, on Windows, is this an x86 executable, or is it a 64bit game?

I only ask since I have an ARM device, and would love to support your work, but 64bit games run terrible on my computer (even games that are not graphically busy) 

If you were to consider making a port in either x86 or ARM64 for Windows too, it would mean a lot <3

Other than that, props to for your hard work :)

AMAZING... are you brazilian?



I love it so much! It is so much fun, the controls are smooth and the characters are all quirky. MASSIVE PLUS, you get to pee on people who annoy you! 😁


This is just like cumming on people, but from up above


why would you say this.


when you have a switch but your broke *pain*


*casually lets self get sucked into a tornado so i can give this little cloud a kiss on their little mischievous forehead*


People Be Like: HELLO WORLD when cloud boy came, HELLO HELL!

you're not wrong

it won't load past like halfway and I have reloaded the page it dosent help it sounds like an amazing game but I can't get in

Can you try downloading it and playing on your computer instead? Will probably work way better :) 

i gots it to works

in case you didnt know captainsauce played this i love it thats how i knew it was good

Haha we saw that a while back ;D Thanks for heads up though!

I made a montage. Seriously, I love this game!! ❤️😂


Thanks for sharing with your viewers :D 

Hello. Your game looks interesting and I'd like to do a review on my youtube, but would like your permission to do so.

go for it!

do i need to download the game so my data saves?

yes, the web build doesn't save your game (tho you can probably beat it in one sitting) 

This is my favorite game about clouds!! Seriously, any game with a top hat, I'll love. 🌧️😍



super cute


I really enjoyed playing this game! I love the characters and the personalities you've given them. As well as all the fourth wall breaks. Really a nice touch! Great work team, can't wait to play the full game!

Short, but such a nicely game!

Iḿ gonna learn something about 13th century Greek architecture now.

 Love the little references you guys put into the game and the disrespect to microtransaction in gaming! Great demo!

it wont work for me

What browser and OS are you using?

Also did you try the download version? That should be a bit more stable :) 

We played this awesomeness recently and LOVED IT. Stoked for the release! Check it out! 

Had so much fun with this game! Honestly can't wait for the full game, its gonna be so good! Hope you enjoy the video!

I was fortunate enough to play this wonderful silly game when the demo first dropped and I just realised I'd not posted it here before. It's 100% worth your  time!

Just tried the demo and it's super great very Katamari feel A+++ and wish listed!

This is so much fun and silly to play. I enjoy this game so much. Texture and every is so cute. I like it so much. Nice One!!!!


I thoroughly enjoyed this wacky and outrageous game!

A cloud named Cloudy bringing pleasurable misfortune to HOOMANS? 

Adorable and satisfying way to start some havoc UNBOUND CREATIONS! Can't wait for full game on STEAM

Here's my gameplay for all to explore! 

PS. I think my FAVE ability is the Corrosive Cloudy (^- ^)



It says on my mac it cant be open, can i have help?

- ̦̞̤̋̄́M̛̩̺̩̜̼̓́̏̃OṄ͔͆͜Į̊K̛̖͈̺̘̜͎̺̳̻͛̄́̌͗̆͘͝A̝̮̽̃̕͢

What error are you getting?

It says it cant be opened

Hmmm I don't think there's much I can do without more details :/ But try this:  can you change the permissions of `Contents/MacOS/Rain on Your Parade Demo` to 755 ? Another user below (Fluffy) reported that worked for them. 



This game is so much fun, I absolutely loved it! It's definitely got Untitled Goose Game and Donut County vibes which is great! The writing for the characters is very slapstick and super enjoyable! The game looks and plays so well, I am super pumped for the release of the full game, good job! :D Game play is below if interested :)

Yee! Love your commentary voice :D 

Haha thank you! Was a blast playing! :D


Absolutely love the art style here! Wonderful! And enjoyed the mechanics, looking forward to seeing what you make of this! 

I played this game on the latest episode of my Random Funny Games series on my YouTube channel! its the third game in the video! Check it out! 😃


Love the style of this game! Super easy to get used to even without a controller! Wishlisted on Steam, can't wait for the full release!


Thanksss :D

This is all kinds of awesome and fantastic and wonderful. And silly, kooky, quirky and a little bit on the dark side.

Yup, this game certainly does traverse a large amount of different styles, whilst still being a goofy funfest at its heart.

Take on the role of a cloud destined for the place all clouds want to be... Seattle! The city of eternal downpours! But on the way you must soak everyone you come across, to be the best nimbus you can be!

This means taking on many different tasks across many different levels, each with its own batch of tasks to be completed.

Essentially you ruin a load of people's day... and maybe kill a few folks? I dunno, maybe I just did that because I'm secretly a psychopath?

Anywho, this was a blast! I loved everything about this demo and I am super excited to see more!


Thanks for playing and making the video, gald you enjoyed it :D Stay tuned for full release in 2021 ;) 


This was absolutely fantastic. It reminds me of a lot of flash games I've played, and definitely Untitled Goose Game! I love how you get different powers and it's more level based. Each level is like a puzzle you can solve a few different ways. Being able to make your own cloud face was a great touch. Definitely wishlisted this, props to the developers!


Glad you enjoyed and thanks for making the video :D 


Beautiful beyond comprehension and such a delightful extravaganza


A beautiful masterpiece that deserves more attention!

Thank youuuuu <3 


Absolutely loved the game, would make a perfect kids game I had a great time as well

enjoy ^^
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